Success of an emergency aid effort is contingent upon having a strong, well-designed management structure in place. In order to achieve this, college and university leaders need to be able to articulate a clear vision for success, identify the essential staff and departments needed, and create agreed upon roles and responsibilities. By focusing on these areas, institutions can build or revise management structures to establish, expand, or enhance emergency aid efforts.

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The community of institutions interested in emergency aid continues to grow. We'll collect and catalog many of the developed resources and tools so they can be discovered, shared and improved upon by the evolving emergency aid community. Browse this library of tools and resources for implementing, evaluating and improving emergency aid at colleges and universities.

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2/3 of institutions

reported that eliminating barriers to student success and retention greatly influenced their institution’s emergency aid program

Source: NASPA

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40% of colleges

have financial aid departments managing restricted grants, emergency loans, and completion scholarships

Source: NASPA